Sunday, 19 June 2011

Last Day in Henley

Today was the last day of racing at Women's Henley.  We finished our trip with a final practice down the course at 7AM followed by a return to our old stomping grounds: The Henley Rowing Club.  How long ago last week feels!!!  We derigged the boats said our farewell to our friends there, and then headed out to watch the racing.  The weather was its usual rain/sun combo, but the clouds eventually cleared with the last race of the irony not lost on the crowds that have suffered through the elements during this three day regatta.  The TRC was eliminated in the semi-final by the eventual winner of our 8 event Nereus Boat Club (Dutch).  We did have opportunity to cheer for fellow Americans in the Final.  Purdue University put up a great fight throughout all of the rounds, but fell short of the title against that very quick Dutch boat! 

We finished the day with a wonderful meal together, glad to be going home but sad the experience is over.  Despite the trials and tribulations I believe each member of this Grand Adventure will carry few regrets.  It has been a once in a lifetime trip none will forget.  We appreciate everyone's support during the last two weeks and during the many months of preparation.  It has been an amazing team effort of athletes, coaches, parents, alumni, and fellow administrators.  You have the gratitude of all who have had the privilege to be here.

Please stay tuned for one more post.  Bridget Stevens, Class of 2011 and now officially eligible for the HOCR Alumni boat has promised to share her thoughts on the trip.  We hope to hear from her in the next day or so.

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